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A Human Edge is committed to organisations akin to a trusted and high-performing business partner. Working passionately inside your organisation, we craft, integrate, and optimise HR and People/Culture operations, with quiet strength, humble influence, and a deep understanding in the complexity of human behaviour and performance.

Excellence lies at the heart of A Human Edge. Operating analogous to a high-performance sporting academy, we pursue improvement and eminence within, and alongside our organisational partners. We deploy our proprietary, science-based strategies to fuel physical vibrancy, enthusiasm, skill development, deep fulfilment, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and trusted relationships.

We promise to not only build sustainable, high performing and passionately urgent teams, but also to help craft the legacy of creating the most fulfilling jobs people have ever experienced.


A compass to represent the values of A Human Edge


We relentlessly pursue excellence, even when no one is watching. We operate with personal standards of excellence, alongside a deliberateness in behaviours and development.


We champion wellbeing as the cornerstone of high performance. With intentionality, our behaviours drive physical vitality, fulfilment, mental resilience, emotional intelligence, and connection.


We are steadfast in our commitment to unshakeable honesty, courage, and trust. Our actions engender respect, uphold our unwavering integrity, and safeguard the precious trust placed in us.


Our approach to every challenge and opportunity is fuelled by a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose, propelling us toward swift execution.


a gold sphere and ball attracted to each other to represent how A Human Edge attracts the best talent
Erin Barnes Founder of A Human Edge



With a rich background anchored in elite sport and Exercise Science, supported with certifications in Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, Human Resources Management and Leadership, Organisational Design, Mindfulness, Personal Training, Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Metabolic Precision, Sports Training and Negotiation, and decades of experience working with individuals and organisations, Erin views people operations and performance excellence through a unique lens.

​“Organisations are trying to solve human problems and risks rather than focusing on the science and evidence of human fulfillment.

They’re often spending exorbitant time and money making their organisations look great on the outside, exhausting their capacity to proactively shape the slight-edge behaviours and high-trust culture that make them feel even better on the inside, which ultimately fuels performance excellence, fulfilment, passionate urgency and wellbeing, and maximises profit and impact.

Organisations very often separate the whole person into two; professional and personal, and oversimplify performance into generalised principles that typically play out differently in reality when the complexities of the biopsychosocial and neuro-behavioural factors work synergistically in unstable environments.”


Erin believes that modern leaders, who face expectations beyond their expertise in human behaviour and neuroscience, would benefit from support at the intersection of organisational growth and human sustainability.

Our meticulously selected People and Culture team, are also supported through our executive advisory team. Each possess decades of education, lived experience and a resonant understanding of the subtleties of their profession. They are each excellence-driven, values-aligned, and guide with a blend of practicality, clarity, empathy and action. They share a common goal in supporting purpose-led founders to drive profit and impact, whilst also helping to craft the best jobs people have ever experienced.

Our advisory ecosystem bring a broad remit of support across Communications and Public Relations, Corporate Leadership, Organisational Change,  Branding and Design, Marketing, Human Resources, Sustainability and Impact, Finance and Legal.


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